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Which is why we develop effective migration strategies, leveraging the full potential of AWS (Amazon Web Services) infrastructural features, can help your business expand its IT infrastructure seamlessly, without complexities or high expenditures. An intelligent Cloud platform like AWS is designed to derive high flexibility in meeting your enterprise’s evolving needs.

Our team of experts will not only help you plan a customized & comprehensive Cloud strategy but also help you migrate (and modernize) your legacy Applications and workloads securely & quickly.

With us, you can achieve a superior automation in the infrastructural architecture, that is easy to set-up and Support. You’ll be able to instantly access and manage workloads from anywhere.

We provide post-deployment support & consults to our Clients as well.




We understand how challenging and crucial the whole migration process can be. There are many aspects that needs to be assessed and analysed before even initiating and planning the migration process. Through our Invicta Migration framework, we enable an intelligent process that give cloud migration assessment and insights along with hassle-free deployment.

IMFTM is part of our expert solutions that we have specially developed for assisting enterprises to gauge the effectiveness of their internal IT processes and resources. It involves a non-invasive analytical approach to a business’s ecosystem that aims at minimizing the scope of manual involvement of IT personnel, by recommending automation processes apt for the infrastructure

The Data Gathering initiative (IMFTM process) is undertaken using the VM Tool that does not require any installations to be done by the Client in his work environment.

In short, it is an advanced level of IT Optimization function that is not limited to bridging the loopholes, opening the bottlenecks, automation, and cost-cutting. This process extends further beyond these activities and provides actionable insights about how profitability could be garnered by investing in IT areas, that could deliver the highest business value. This encompasses insights related to reducing Licensing costs, right-sizing Data Centres, recommending perfect Cloud options, and much more.